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Activities around Gite Forester

Gite Forester puts the best of Malmedy at your fingertips! Guests can easily find many nearby activities to make their stay both comforting and entertaining! From spending a relaxing time at the Thermal Baths of Spa, to visiting one of the most beautiful Race Circuits in the region, Malmedy will guarantee you the best experience! Not to mention all the fun you can have while exploring some of nature’s wonders like the many springs in the forest and the historic parts of the city.

High Fens

The High Fens, which were declared a nature reserve in 1957, are an upland area, a plateau region in Liège Province, in the east of Belgium and adjoining parts of Germany, between the Ardennes and the Eifel highlands. The High Fens are the largest nature reserve or park in Belgium, with an area of 4,501.2 hectares.

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Malmedy Ski Slopes

Winter sports are a reality in the heights of the Malmedy region in the Ardennes, especially cross-country skiing, and alpine skiing. These are practiced on the cross-country ski trails of Baraque Michel, Mont-Rigi, Botrange, Xhoffraix and Mont Spinette, which have the best snow cover in the region.

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Reinhardstein Castle is a castle in the village of Ovifat, in the Warche valley of Liège Province, Belgium. It was built in 1354 for Wenceslaus of Luxembourg, while still Count, by his vassal Reinhard of Weismes. In the 19th century it was nearly destroyed by quarrying, and since 1969 has been reconstructed.

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Thermes de Spa

Spa developed around a natural source long praised for its healing properties. The Thermes de Spa combine modern wellness with traditional hydrotherapy, beauty treatments, relaxation and fitness programs, massages as well as peat baths.

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Circuit Spa-Francorchamps

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps offers a track experience and a great guided tour for families or groups. It is one of the most beautiful racing circuits located in Francorcamps. It is the current venue of the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix and has held a Grand Prix every year since 1985.

8.3 Km

Baugnez 44 Historical Centre

Authentic materiel, vehicles, photographs and films of the time full of history and emotion will take you back to the heart of the Battle of the Bulge. Fifteen scenes depicting the daily life of soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge are presented. You will gain a better appreciation of history and better understand what happened in the Battle of the Bulge.

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Gite Forester 9

Brasserie de Bellevaux

The Brasserie de Bellevaux is a Belgian craft brewery located in the ancienne commune of Bellevaux, municipality of Malmedy, Liège Province. The brewery produces five special beers including four called Bellevaux. These beers are brewed in ancient copper vats. The brasserie offers local tours and local bear tasting, and sometimes they even prepare small meals from local products for visitors, like homemade soup, meals, and cakes, to go along the beer tasting.

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The Malmundarium, a former Benedictine monastery, is a space dedicated to memory, art, history and culture in the Cantons de l’Est region.  The 3,000 m2 site, stretched over 2 floors, will immerse you in 14 centuries of the region’s history, and allow you to explore the “Mon’Art” gallery, the cloister and its courtyard, the leather workshop, the carnival workshop, the paper workshop, the Treasure of the cathedral, and the historium.

11 Km

One of our most popular attractions, Spa offers you dozens of gorgeous and historical Hiking Trails, as well as Biking Circuits, with varying difficulties, ranging from beginner level to more advanced expert levels. Definitely a must try, there’s over 20 of these relaxing and entertaining trails. 

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Do not hesitate to ask us for more information and directions to more activities!

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